Timmy Terrier and the great adventure

Timmy the Norwich Terrier needs to find his owner in this delightful childrens adventure

Timmy the Norwich Terrier lifted his head curiously from his bed. What ever could have awoken him from such a deep sleep. The disturbance was coming from the kitchen so Timmy decided to investigate. He loved a good adventure.

"Your heartless witch!" that was Timmy's owner and best friend, Matt. Timmy adored him and Matt adored him back. The two had spent many days together going for walks and doing plumbing at people's houses. Matt had trained Timmy to fetch tools on command so came to every plumbing appointment that Matt went to. But the chances of such fun days seemed unlikely now as the relationship between Timmy's two owners hung by a very thin thread

"Get out....GET OUT!" Timmy used his little wet nose to open the kitchen door and see what all the commotion was about. Matt and his girlfriend Daphne were stood facing each other with angry red faces. Daphne had her hand pointing to the front door just behind Timmy.

"Fine!" Matt roared walking away from his former partner "come on Timmy!"

The Norwich terrier began wagging his little stubby tail in excitement. Daphne had always loved him but never walked him and barely ever fed him. Matt was a much better owner. But as the better owner opened the door, Daphne grabbed the terrier and picked him up

"Timmy's staying with me" Daphne snarled walking towards a stunned Matt. Timmy watched helplessly as his best friend, the one person he truly loved and cared for was shut behind a door and shut out of his life.

The End

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