Timing is a beach

And Tbh, I absolutely HATE beaches.

Naturally, when a teenager in my age group gets asked to go to a family reunion, most of us won't want it. 

Most of the reasons why are because they are socially awkward around relatives they don't even know that well. Or maybe because they'll just spend the whole time being quiet in a corner. 

If someone had told me that we'd be having a family reunion earlier this week, I would've said "okay." fine whatever. But when you tell me you're taking a huge opportunity away from me just because of that reunion, well then you should expect a long-ish rant about that.

I'm a senior in highschool, and lately I've realized that everything I'm doing is for the sake of my grades,  my hopes my dreams. It's either me or my grades. But now that I've done that, I began to see how these things made me drift away from my friends. Which means I need to grab every opportunity I can to hang out with them.

We have one event in school that I'm just so stoked to be a part of. My friends and I will have the time of our lives. But when I asked permission, they said I couldn't because there was a scheduled reunion on the same date.

I know I'm being all difficult and what not but they just took an opportunity away from me. How could I not be mad at that? It would have been okay if I wasn't a senior cause that means I can join next year. But this is our last. 

And the fact that I don't get any recognition during these reunions and the way they always degrade me saying these "training"s don't do anything good to me, made me angrier. They just can't expect me to be fine about this right after they've insulted me, get my hopes up then smash them into pieces.

I pretty much cried my eyes out to my friend. Everything literally came pouring out of my mouth, all of the realizations and whatnot. 

Okay bye.

The End

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