Fate, Destiny, Fortune & Chance, the most powerful entity in the Omniverse has just been ousted by her own army and stranded in the last place anyone who could AND would help her, could never find her. Now stuck in the most boring of creations, she must build a new army, so that she may go back to abusing her power.

The most powerful being/entity in the entire omniverse, known only as Fate, Destiny, Fortune, and Chance sat in her throneroom playing with the spindles that were the four-dimensional matrix of fate. With these fibers of infinitesimal power she toyed with changed the destinies of infinite lives across infinite metaversi. With all this power, it was not to the future that this omniscient being looked, but to the past, to see where it had all begun to go wrong.

Perhaps it started in the beginning, was it unwise of her parents to give her unlimited power? Perhaps it was when she didn’t punish her siblings harshly enough after they tried to seize power from her. Perhaps it was when she allowed her brother to breathe life into his accursed demons. Or maybe it was when she granted the gift of immortality to the Timewalkers.

It had to be the last one. Yes it allowed her to hold onto her sovereignty for the last measure of innumerable time. Yes, they were the only ones powerful enough to stop her sisters, when they tried to wake their parents slumber. But they nearly let her brothers’ demons into her lair. They were also now the last thing she wanted to deal with, after their antics caused yet another of her pet projects to collapse, a project that would’ve amused her for another eternity.

And then she could hear/feel/sense the slight sigh of the fabric. The stirring that signaled the entrance into her house. The movement that annoyed her so, because of how much their movements led to rash decisions and threw all bets off on what would happen any where/when/why/how. And then she heard the rustle of cloth, most-likely of cotton, the tap tap tap of that infernal cane, the breathing she had to live with for almost infinity. The overgoddess had a guest.

"Lady Fate, how are you this fine and dreary day?" asked the most despised jester of her court, and leader of the circus it had become.

The Lady, as he put it, was in a similar mood as almost every "day", a measure of time almost too brief to even dare have a specific name for, sarcastically delightful. And she wore what she wore everyday, a gray, silk, full dress, which changed tone depending on the state of the omniverse, hence the gray.

"I’m as delighted as yesterday, to see yet another project ruined by you Interlopers’ movements across the omniverse. Have you any idea how long it has taken to build that?" demanded Fate, her face stoic.

"A measure of time which you have another to spend, and anotherad infinitum." Stated he, his cheerful expression turning to serious near the end. "However, your mood is not what brings me here, as pleasant as it may be. Both you and I have a problem, which can no longer be ignored, or rather it shouldn’t"

"What would be such a bother to disrupt my work?" replied Fate in an angry but bored tone.


That one word, which had brought down many empires, kingdoms, collectives and confederacies across the infinite universi of the infinite metaversi of the collective omniverse. That one word, which, for just one moment of time so brief it was immeasurable by all but the highest of sciences. During that moment the pulsing life, which permeated the omniverse, stopped.

"Falconus?" Asked Fate of her Jester.

"Yes, milady", replied the Jester, head of Destiny’s Bodyguard.

"How long?" asked Fate of her guardian, her mood darkening.

"His army will be here within the hour, your army no longer follows your wishes." Replied the one of the few people left in the omniverse that Fate could still trust.

"Gather the guard, unless they’ve defected as well." Fate spat, anger rolling off of her in actual physical waves that the Jester had to part to stay standing where he was.

"The Guard is still loyal to you, milady. They are on the way, the majority are already here, preparing defenses." The tone the most powerful of Time Travelers was not optimistic to say the least.

"Do we have a chance?" asked the most powerful being in the omniverse?

"Asks the goddess of?" the Jester questioned.

"I ask your opinion, not your sarcastic remarks concerning my duties!" Fate nearly lost her restraint and blew up a metaverse in her anger.

The Jester waited whilst Fate vented her anger before making a dangerous suggestion.

"Perhaps we should consult the other artifact of your parents benevolence, maybe that will tell us the future."

"I’d rather face these usurpers myself. They are no match for the pure power of Lord Time, not with the watered down stuff that has sustained them since their ascensions."

The Jester merely stared harder.

Fate, looking for any kind of hope, obliged the strong willed being before her. She reached down, way down, beneath the very fabric of fate and grasped the two cubes that sat there, untouched since the Demon invasion.

When she retracted her hand, the Timewalker before her stepped backward, the first smart thing he’s done all day remarked Fate. In her hand Fate held two black dice. The two most single powerful objects in all of the omniverse, rivaling even their wielders’ strength.

Fate, calling to the half of her being that these dice commanded, tossed the dice into the air. The dice fell to the floor of the throneroom, and stopped exactly the way they had landed.

Fate approached the dice with apprehension, and then acceptance, of her own fate.

"Milady, how goes the future?" Asked the talking dead.

Fate merely stared at dice.

"Milady! What did you roll?" Asked the doomed.

Fate had only one word to utter, before the sound of inevitability, reverberated throughout the entire palace.


The End

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