Times my family has remarked on my hair being 'too' longMature

&@#@ that's ugly.

Can't you put your hair up, it looks so disgusting.
Are you sure you're not going to cut it, you're starting to look like a girl.
Are you sure you're going to keep it long, it's just not nice.
You really should cut it before then.
What, you mean like girl hair?
Are you going to grow it down to your ass, or what? Be serious.
Fuck, that's ugly.
Keep it tied today, it looks better.
When are you going to cut your hair? 
Are you going to have long hair forever now?
You do what you want, but it's not good.
Tie your hair up otherwise people'll think you're a girl. 
You can't HAVE hair that long.

My response:
I'm sorry my hair repulses you to the degree where I have to leave the table.
I'm sure, I want to have long hair. I do not look like a girl. You know I'm not a girl.
I'm sure. I don't care for your opinion.
I'm not going to cut it until I feel like I want to cut it.
I'm not sure I share your opinion on hair. To me it doesn't have a gender.
I'm not going to answer a stupid question with a serious answer.
I'm ...
I'm going to wear it however I want.
I'm going to cut it when I feel like I want to cut it.
I'm going to cut it when I feel like I want to cut it.
I'm really curious to know how you got to be the one in charge of deciding that.
I'm not a girl. You know I am not a girl. Why are you so afraid of me 'looking like a girl'?
I'm proving I can by having it this long.

I often wonder why you are so embarrassed of me.

The End

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