Chapter II: Infiltration

Lance was dressed to blend in, a pair of jeans, a grey hooded sweatshirt and a pair of white trainers. It wasn't what he would call his usual attire but such garmants were so commonplace in cities that it seemed easiest to wear then.

The crowds were buzzing with the loud chatter of conversation as they continued to flow smoothly around the city. Lance kept quiet, made no eye contact and made a concerted effort to not knock into anyone. He checked his back pocket, his small switchblade was still there. It wasn't likely to be much use but it made Lance feel slightly safer. It was always best to be armed when something like Time.Co, a company with a stranglehold over time itself, wanted you dead.

Finally the Headquaters came into view. A massive structure towering above the entire city. It blocked out the sun's light with its sheer height and cast a malevolent shadow over the crowds swarming at its feet. Lance took a deep breath, Debby was somewhere in this building. He didn't have much of a plan, try to find a back door, disguise himself and then go from there.

Lance's confidence in his hastily thought out plan began to wane as he grew closer to the dominating structure. It seemed to be staring down at him and the citizens of Bath with a mocking glare, as if the people were insects, insignificant compared to its own gigantic might.

Finally it was time, he parted from the crowd as inconspiciously as possible. Throwing up his hood he darted among the extravagent boulevards that made up the courtyard of the Time.Co HQ. It seemed nobody had noticed him yet, in spite of him ducking and darting between trees and other shrubbery.

His entire body was tense, his nerves caused his entire body to shake awkwardly as he tried to move stealthily. He desperatly wanted to look back, to see if he was followed but he dared not for fear that he was. It was easier for him to pretend he wasn't and to know differently would cause more harm than good.

He eventually reached the building and hugged the wall around the corner, avoiding an overhanging security camera. One last sprint saw him reaching a small clearing  out of the public eye. Nobody was here, it seemed to be the waste area. Large containers and bags full of all kinds of things lay around the clearing and the buzz of hundreds of scavenging flies could hardly be ignored.

There was one door that presented itself to Lance, it was left ajar. Lance had no idea where it went and considered for a moment whether he had made the right decision. He had effectively wandered into the jaws of a lion with the hopes it wouldn't notice. He hesitated for a moment. His body seemed to want to walk in two opposite directions.

There was a faint sound of voices outside the waste area, Lance's ears pricked up as he blinked with surprise. He looked desperatly around, he was trapped, had the jaw snapped shut? He hesitated further, it was surely to much of a risk to go inside. The voices grew louder and Lance could now make out, very clearly, the sound of footsteps. There were no other options, with a resigned sigh he finally ran towards the door. Clambering in he pulled the door up behind him. A quick glance into the corridor reavealed only that he was alone. With no idea where he was and no hope of turning back he took solace in the fact that at least he got in.

The End

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