Chapter I: A Lead

The world wound itself slowly back into view. 522 A.D, Lance stepped groggily from the machine and into the streets. He looked around and chuckled bitterly to himself, it was the same scene. Hundreds of thousands of faceless people still doing the exact same things they were doing five hundred years ago.

As he always did he shoved his way through the bustling crowds, keeping low. Five hundred years was barely a second to Time.Co, and a second is not nearly enough to forget about Lance's outlawed status. Nobody noticed that Lance was obviously and very deliberatly ducking, he was thankful for that.

He followed the hard flowing stream of the crowd like a limp fish for a while, eventually they flowed past what Lance thought to look like the perfect alleyway for him. Checking for cameras he slide out of the crowd and into the dark, festering, rotting  tunnel. As Lance endured a coughing fit induced by the stench he began to wish he had chosen a nicer alley.

"Hey Lance?" A voice called from the shadow in the alley. The voice was oddly familiar to Lance but he couldn't pin down why.

"Hello?" Lance called aimlessly into the shadow.

"For a man who frequently uses time travel how is it you take such a long time?" The man said. Lance chuckled a little at this, the mans sense of humour seemed similar to his own.

"Sorry, um might I ask who you are?" Lance said politly.

"You might but I won't answer." The man replied, Lance was slightly taken aback by this answer. There was an awkward silence for almost a minute.

"I have something to tell you." The man said finally.

"What could you possibly have to tell me? You don't even know me."

"I know you quite well, I have observed with the gift of hindsight everything you have done."

"Who are you?"

"Your in the right time. She is here. Go to the town centre in the Time.Co building."


The man nodded a reply. Lance thought for a moment, who was this man. The man obscured his face with a low hanging hood and wore oversized clothing so as to disguise his figure. A trap? Lance considered this a moment, this was his only lead to his daughter, he had to take that risk.

"Good luck." The man said finally, he turned and shambled slowly back into the shadows. Lance tried to follow him but he had dissapeared into the darkness of the alley. Lance felt against solid walls looking for a door or opening for a few minutes. He had a massive sense of dread welling within him now. A tense fear of unknown, of things from the darkness. He had to suppress it, he had no choice. There was no other way to Debby.

He turned to leave the alleyway once more, blending once more into the crowds of sheep. He checked the buildings feverishly as the crowd moved him inexorably towards the centre, to the Time.Co building.

The End

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