In 2561 time travel was finally invented. After around 50 years of perfecting the machine it was finally available to be mass produced. Starting small, with holdidays to Ancient Greece and Feudal Japan. Then Migration began. People began to move and live permanently in different times. This is where the story begins.

 The streets are packed with people in business dress, robots large and small weave through the crowds and cars fly between massive sky scrapers that dominate the skyline. Rain lashes against the city like a whip striking repeatedly. Lightening occasionally bursts across the sky in a brilliant flash. Nobody seems to notice anything that happens here , nobody  ever notices, they're far to busy with their own lives to notice even a familiar face among thousands.

It sounds like an awful place, and it is, or was, or will be. Bath in 43AD, one of the most successful industrial and business cities ever to have existed. Time.Co started it all, the first ever time machine. Built in 2561 for research purposes, they made millions from the research and eventually commercialised time travel. People could move home to Fuedal Japan like they could move two blocks away.

Lance sat alone on the bench, weeping. He did so without a care for how he looked to the people rushing past him. Those people didn't care, didn't even notice. They moved like drones controlled by one mind. That mind, Lance had always thought, could be said to be money. He didn't care for money anymore, he didn't care for his house, his car or even his football that he got signed by his favorite team when he was ten.

Lance looked up at the time through his tear filled eyes, twelve twenty two.  He shot up and urgently took stock of the crowd.  It was same sea of faceless people, save for one. A man rushing in Lance's direction, one arm in the air and faintly shouting something with wild abandon. Lance knew who it was, he also knew that he was chasing after his daughter who had just been kidnapped, he also knew the mans shoe size, PIN code and wifes maiden name. He knew this because the man, now so desperatly forcing himself through the crowd in Lance's direction, was Lance.

He ran from the shouting man, back through the crowd and to a small circular building. He locked the door behind and turned to the control panel, after hammering in the code he began to weep again. Crumbling to the floor he looked down at the floor as the other version of himself reached the door and began to yank at the doorhandle. Lance could hear the desperate screams of his other self as the machine lurched and powered up. Everything began to fade as the machine began to move through time. Lance continued to weep with desperation and grief as he tried to shun the memory of being on the other side of the machine.

He had failed again, twice Time.Co had escaped with his daughter. He couldn't risk going back, seeing yourself was extremely dangerous and that was too close a call.  Beside he shouldn't be risking crowded places at the moment as Lance was already a wanted man. Wanted solely because he could see time, he could see how it was changed and effected by people in times before. Others were oblivious to it. Lance could recall occasions where peoples favorite shop or brand suddenly dissapeared due to someone wiping it from existance, nobody even noticed. Lance slumped back in the machine and waited. He would be there soon, he had to find some way to set everything right. There was a way, Lance was sure.

The End

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