Not Convinced

Elyra looked at the policeman, one eyebrow raised.

"A dance studio." she said disbelievingly. "I was dead in a dance studio."

"That's where we found you." the policeman answered.

Elyra clenched her jaw to keep from bursting out laughing. A dance studio? What would she want with a dance studio? She'd never danced in her life, and she wasn't about to try any time soon. If she could manage to trip over her own feet walking down the street - which was a far more common occurence than one might have thought - why on earth would she waste her time making a fool of herself by trying to dance of all things? This just didn't add up.

"So, officer," said Elyra slowly. "You're telling me I was found dead in a dance studio, no visible wounds and grinning like a jackass when I've never danced in my life and am obviously not dead. And you expect me to believe it?"

"Frankly, yes. Otherwise you risk screwing up not only your life but that of every other person you know and interact with every day."

"Well, I'm sorry, but I can't help you. I have no idea what I would be doing there or why I would be dead. If that's all you came to ask me, then please permit me to leave you with my best wishes for untangling this case. Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm going back to bed."

The officer looked at Elyra, aghast. "You don't know anything?"

"Not a peanut." replied Elyra candidly, already halfway to the door.

"Can't... can't you try? Just, over these next few days, just think about it and tell us if you remember anything?"

"Sure sure whatever," came Elyra's voice as she lurched inelegantly out of the door.

Nutters, she thought as she strode out of the police station, what a bunch of kooks. I'll bet it was all some elaborate hoax designed to irritate the poor unfortunate soul whose number they picked out of a hat for some drunken dare. Pity that "unfortunate soul" was me. Muttering angrily under her breath, Elyra collapsed on her bed and shut her eyes, wanting to forget this whole ridiculous ordeal. In the morning, she told herself, it would all be fine.

If only she could have known how wrong she would be...

The End

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