"Say... what?!"

Elyra shook her head, nearly dislodging the phone from it's niche in her jawbone.

"You heard me," said the voice from the other end. "You were found dead this morning. Not a mark on you, but no pulse, no breathing and no life. You're dead."

Elyra's mouth opened and closed like a fish out of water. Dead? How could she be dead? She certainly didn't feel it, in fact aside from being tired she felt perfectly normal. She certainly wasn't walking through things - she put her hand on the banister just in case, no still solid.

"Erm... I hate to say it," she said, speaking slowly and trying to make sense of the situation, "But I am very clearly not dead. In fact I am, at this very moment, walking around my house looking for my clothes. I think there must have been some sort of mixup here, you have the wrong number and-"

"No!" said the voice sharply. "It's you, we have your fingerprints, your DNA and your body to prove it. Why don't you come down to the station and we can straighten things out?"

"Okay..." said Elyra slowly, grimacing as she diconnected the call and went back to hunting for her jeans. This was wierd. This was really wierd.

And she had the feeling it was going to get wierder still before this was over.

The End

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