Coming To Terms

My eyes opened and I was back in my living room, Oscar was now licking my face which was bleeding. I carefully got up and looked in the mirror, I could see a small cut on my nose, a pale face and black eyes. I was worried about my own reflection, I had changed so much. I looked at my clock and seen that it was now midnight and so I went to bed, but I couldn't sleep, I had too much energy still.

I went back downstairs and sat next to Oscar whilst he slept. I decided to go out for a short walk afterwards, hoping to clear my head and make myself tired. I walked past the graveyard and all the way down the high street. I seen a group of people my age hanging around in one of the alleyways. They spotted me and I heard my name called, I looked at them and shouted, "What?" They all came towards me, I then noticed a familiar face peering out from behind the group.

The familiar person was my old best friend, Gina before I lost my family. She didn't care who she was with, she made sure that whenever she seen me she would speak. Her friends looked at me as though I was a piece of rubbish on the ground, but she looked at me as though I was a star shining in the sky. I said hi and then carried on walking, but Gina's friends didn't like that at all. They started to follow me and I became very nervous.

I started to run, but they caught me, they tried to beat me up. Gina tried to stop them, they just pushed her aside and carried on. I felt my blood boil and thats when I lost it, I shot to my feet and started to lash out at the group. I made there faces bleed, that was when my mind thought only about killing. My nails grew and became sharp, I also got tooth ache. I pounced on one of the boys and started to rip at his back.

I became hungry, I could smell their blood and my mouth was drawn towards one of the boys neck. I tried stopping myself, but couldn't, I bit into the boys neck and began feeding on his blood. Gina stared at me in fear and the rest of the boys ran away, Gina just froze on the spot.

The End

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