Oscar shot past me and hid under the table in the kitchen. I followed, not realising that my whole body was stone cold to the touch. My face was blue and my veins were at the surface of my skin. I got on my hands and knees, looked straight at Oscar and he began growling and barking. I began to back off but something inside me was urging me to go forward towards Oscar.

Oscar shot towards my face knocking me back. What's wrong with him? I won't hurt him, I thought. I suddenly began to get a headache. I got to my knees and buried my head in my hands. My eyes were closed and I could see a person walking along the street alone. It was like a flashback, but except for the fact that it was an unknown person to me and it was the alleyway where years ago I was attacked.

The person came closer and closer, he stopped beside me and whispered in my ear. I could hear him as though he was really beside me. I looked up and there I was in the alleyway of my fears, I looked around in terror and there he was the person from my vision. I got up off the floor and walked slowly towards him, he turned around and his face was as white as a sheet. I was forced to go forward by something, then I was forced to stop right in front of him.

He looked horrific, his skin was white with blue veins and his clothing was black and gothic. He smiled and all I could see was two razor sharp fangs. I wanted to run, but couldn't. My head started to hurt again and so I dropped to the floor at his feet. He whispered in my ear once more, "You can't fight it!" Then my head stopped hurting.

The End

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