Two weeks later I am finally being released from hospital. My neck was healing well, but I had began to get a fever just as I was recovering. My hands would be ice cold to the touch and my face would be boiling hot. I have had fevers in the past, but this one was different. I felt full of energy instead of completely drained.

I was prescribed medication to keep my temperature down, but I found that it wasn't working so I chucked them. After a week I began to feel drowsey in the day and energetic at night. What the hell is happening to me?

I walked home in the bitter cold, when I made it home I opened the door slowly. I didn't know where my dog was because he wasn't waiting for me to come home. I felt so lonely and so I sat alone in the darkened house. My neighbour must have seen me enter. I had just sat down and there came a knock on the front door. I slowly went and answered the door.

It was my neighbour, behind him sat a small fluffy animal. The animal came out from behind my neighbour's legs. I was so surprised, the fluffy animal was in fact my little dog, Oscar. He jumped up to me and barked, then licked my hand. I thanked my neighbour and took Oscar inside.

Oscar went straight over to the sofa and led up in one of  the seats. I went and sat next to him, I was relaxed and happy that I was no longer alone. Night was drawing near and my energy started to build up. Oscar began to whine and then ran to the back door. I walked towards him and he began to shake.

"What's wrong Oscar? Please stop shaking. I won't hurt you!" I persisted.

The End

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