Escape Death

As the darkness lifts unexpectedly once again I notice I am no longer lying on the floor, there is a bright light shining in my face. Am I dead?

No I'm not, I'm lying in a hospital bed. My neck has been bandaged up and I still feel the immense pain, but it is easing slowly. How did I get here? I couldn't  believe it I was saved and I don't know how. My head began to ache and I knew that my mum was present. The room went dark and my mum appeared, she was smiling at me.

She whispered, "You're safe for now!" and then she disappeared, and the room lit up. What did mum mean? I don't understand! Am I going to be in danger when I leave here. I was so worried about what was going to happen to me next.

One of the doctors came in and undone my bandage on my neck, she told me to keep very still, she cleaned the wound gently. I then caught sight of the old bloody bandage, the blood was thick and clotted in patches. I was nearly sick on her. She put a fresh bandage on my neck and told me it looked better than it was last time they changed the dressing.

I don't know when they last changed it, the bandage looked as though I've had it on for about a week. I don't recall ever seeing anyone change it before now. Does this mean that I was unconscious for a while, I hope not.

The End

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