Deadly Experience

Surprisingly I wake up again, covered by my thick bloody jacket. Thoughts of relief fill my head and I begin to get myself up again. The darkness had lifted and my vision was clear again. Will I make it home?

I got myself up and moved my bloody jacket away from my neck. I noticed that the bleeding had slowed. I was still in pain and my head had started to hurt again, I turned to look back at my mum's grave and there she was. She pointed at the gates and demanded that I leave and go home right away.

My headache faded and so did my mum's spirit, so I started to head to the gates, when I got to the gates my neck began to sting immensely. The pain was like being stabbed constantly in the back, it caused me to drop to the floor in the gateway. I looked up into the air and shouted, "YOU CAN'T KEEP ME HERE! I'M GONNA LEAVE AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME!" I got up to my feet and started to run to escape the area. The pain kept getting worse, but I just ignored it.

As I got closer to home my neck began to bleed more, it was like something was trying to keep me in the graveyard. I wouldn't let it control me. This was the stupidest thing I had ever done. When I finally made it inside my door my legs gave way and I collapsed to the floor like a sack of potatoes. I had no strength and my neck was bleeding heavily.

The thoughts of death run through my head as I lay bleeding to death once more on the floor. Oscar is scratching at the door to get out to me but it's too late, I can't get up again, it's over now. As I lay dying I hear my mum's soothing voice whispering in my ear, "It's not your time yet! It's not your time!" I couldn't understand how I was meant to escape death when I couldn't move an inch.

"Please mum tell me what to do to escape death!" I whispered softly to myself. Then my eyes began to water and darkness fell over my body once again.

The End

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