Day of Disaster

After a rough night last night trying to sleep, I am finally up for my daily walk. I really don't want to go but I know that I have to, Oscar won't be coming this time it's too dangerous for him. I grabbed a bowl of cereal for breakfast and then I grabbed my jacket.

I headed down to the graveyard, paranoid of what might happen I just blacked out. I came round and got up to my feet, then came the sound of a person running in the graveyard. I entered and straight away the beckoning voices started, I headed over to my relatives' graves and shouted, " What do you want me to do? Tell me now or leave me alone!"

Someone grabbed my hair, I knew it was him again, he tilted my head and tried to lick my neck. Then there was a flash of light, all I could see when the light went was a bloke lying on the floor with a burned face. I suddenly got a headache, then came a familar voice, it was my mum she was in the graveyard with all my past relatives.

I was freaked out but glad to see them, "We need you to beat the one who took your mother's life." They all said at the same time, I looked at them all and replied, "Who is it?"

My mum smiled at me and then they all pointed at the bloke who had now darted off again, I looked at the bloke and then back at my relatives and they were gone. Then came an immense pain on my neck, he had done it, the strange bloke bit my neck and left me bleeding on the floor. I felt like I was going to die right there by my mum's grave.

I was thankful that I had brought a jacket with me. I used it to try and slow the bleeding whilst I figured out what to do. My heart was beating much faster than usual and my eyes started to become blurred. I felt like I was falling into heaven without any support or goodbyes. My eyes watered and darkness fell over my body.

The End

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