Strength and Courage

I tried and tried to get away from the graveyard, but I kept being taken back in by the voices of my past relatives. Then I seen the strange man in the graveyard again, he came over to me and took my hand. I pulled away but he was stronger so he led me into the graveyard further so that I had no idea where I was. He let me go and knocked me down, owww that hurt, I bashed my leg on one of the gravestones.

I blinked and the man was gone so I stood, as I did my head began to hurt, I fell to my knees and began to pray that I could escape. The pain went and so I took my chance and ran through the graves to escape. The beckoning voices started but I just kept going, I tried and tried to ignore the voices but they got louder. I didn't give in, I used my strength and escaped the graveyard. Knowing that I would return the next day, I shouted, "Don't worry stranger I will be here tomorrow! To take control and stop the beckoning voices!" The bloke appeared in front of me and he just smiled.

My dog was waiting again by the gates for me and so I grabbed his lead and took him back home. I couldn't get rid of the beckoning voices so I left the dog at home and went back to the graveyard. I went to my mum's grave and sat praying to her, hoping that she could help me, I got up and headed to the gates to leave. There he was, stood waiting by the gate for me, I edged towards him and he faced me and said, "Don't worry tomorrow is the day to worry!"

I was so frightened by what he said, so I darted past him and out the gate and back home again. Where I locked all the windows and doors and sat scared about what tomorrow will bring. What will happen when I go for my usual walk past the graveyard tomorrow? I don't want to go, but I have to!

The End

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