As I woke up the next morning my head was pounding, my leg wasn't dead and then I had a flashback, it was of the strange man in the graveyard who licked my neck. I just kept seeing him licking my neck, but why? It was becoming creepier and creepier as I kept getting flashbacks of it.

I grabbed a bite to eat for breakfast and then I grabbed the dog's lead. Even though I was freaked out by the man's weird behaviour, I still walked past the graveyard again, and once again Oscar was scared off by the sounds coming from in the graveyard. I knew that the man was near, but I still entered the graveyard. I heard movement and so as stupid as I was I headed over to the movement and there behind a headstone was the unusual bloke from last night.

The man seen me approach and darted off towards the church, I didn't want to go towards him but a voice beckoned me to him. I couldn't stop myself, my legs just kept going even though I wanted to head to the gate. Footsteps came from behind. No not again, I thought to myself.

Then when the footsteps were right behind me I felt a tap on the shoulder, and my legs stopped in their tracks as I turned. There stood in front of me was a dark haired woman, she asked, "What are you doing in the graveyard all alone?" I looked at her and I replied, "I'm not alone! My dog is hiding somewhere and there's a man over there somewhere!" She just laughed at me and walked to see whether she could see the man I was on about, but of course she couldn't and so she turned and began to laugh.

I looked at the floor and suddenly her laughter turned to screams, I looked and there was only her body laid out on the grass in front of a headstone. I slowly approached her and then I seen the blood coming from her neck, I quickly rang for an ambulance. I pulled my jacket off and held it on her neck to slow the bleeding, as I looked towards the gate I could see the strange man stood, he had blood down his top and on his face.

I looked down at the woman and then looked back to the gate and he was gone. I looked at the headstone that she was neatly laid in front of and it read, 'Here lies Cynthia Warner 1879-1928 Beloved wife, mother and grand-mother.' This headstone wasn't randomly picked, it was the headstone for my late great, great, great grand-mother. How does that stranger know my late family members? I thought to myself.

The ambulance arrived and so I could finally let go of the woman's neck. I peered over the paramedics shoulder as they moved aside my jacket, it revealed that the wound on her neck was in fact two wounds, two puncture wounds to be exact. The bleeding had slowed and so the paramedics could get her sorted faster and then they took her to hospital. "Do you want to come with her?" asked the paramedics, I looked in at her and then replied, "I would but I don't even know her, so no I won't come with her." The paramedics nodded and thanked me for calling and then they drove off leaving me stood on my own in the graveyard, next to my relative's grave.

I heard the voice in my head once again and weirdly it drew me further into the graveyard. I kept walking until it made me stop, I looked at the graves that it stopped me at and I read the names on the headstones. Weirdly the names on the headstones were of my relatives from the war and earlier than that. I just tried to make myself walk away, but everytime I got away from the graves I was beckoned back.

The End

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