Awakening Truth

As I came round I found myself led on a bench in the middle of the gravestones. I couldn't feel my legs and I felt weak and numb. I looked around before attempting to move, I seen movement nearby so I lay still as though I were still unconscious. I heard the footsteps of the person nearby, I felt the person touch my face as they turned my head, and I felt their lips touch the skin of my neck. I became panicked and started to breathe heavier. The person became aware of me being awake.

I started to get up and the person jumped back and darted off. I managed to get a glimpse of him and he was definately a male. I tried to stand but my one leg wasn't gonna have it, I fell to my hands and knees so then I tried to crawl away from the bench. Whoever the bloke was, he was still present I could sense him and his movement. I stopped and lay in the mud and hoped that my leg would work properly again, it was completely dead and I couldn't move it.

I lay in the mud for about 10 minutes before I heard the sound of the man moving closer to me again. Then it began to rain so now I couldn't hear the man moving, making it harder to locate him. The ground underneath me became swampy and I began to sink into it. I managed to get myself back on my hands and knees so I crawled towards the gate to find my dog to go home.

I started to get the feeling back in my leg so I stood up, I wish I didn't. The bloke booted me flying into a gravestone, making me smash my head again causing me to black out. Again I woke up and found myself laying in the doorway of the church. I got myself up and started to walk back towards the gate, as I got close I shouted for my dog once again, "Oscar! Here boy! Come on!" This time I heard his collar chime and so I rushed to the gate.

Sat outside the gate was my lovely companion Oscar, he began to bark and go mad at the gate as I approached. I turned around and there stood infront of me was a tall dark haired man possibly in his twenties, he was wearing dark clothes which was of the colours black, grey and dark red. I backed up against the gate and started to panic.

Why am I panicking? I can stand up to him. I stepped towards him and he stepped back, he thought he could scare me but I didn't let him this time.

The End

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