Time To Take Over

Its a lovely Sunday morning and I, Alan am out walking my dog, Oscar. I am passing by the graveyard, where there is sudden noises. My dog is scared of the noises and has decided that he'll dart away from me causing me to fall flat on my face. Oscar has escaped and has hid in the bushes, but I am in pain in the middle of the path bleeding.

I sat up and wiped some of the blood off my face. And decided that I would call my dog before getting up properly, "Oscar! Here boy! Come on!" unfortunately Oscar seems to have ignored me and so I will get myself up off the floor and start to look around. Oscar is nowhere to be seen. I have just noticed movement in the graveyard and I think that I should check it out.

I entered through some tall black iron gates and looked around. I have just noticed the movement again, right at the entrance of the church this time, so naturally I am heading towards it. Now I can hear some footsteps coming from behind. Who is it? Just as I went to turn around something smacked me straight over the back of my head. Leaving me unconscious on the floor in the mud. I was slipping in and out of consciousness. I couldn't see a thing but I could slightly hear the persons heavy breathing and I could feel their ice cold breathe on the back of my bare neck.

The End

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