Leslie: Out in the townMature

We went out. I don't know how they did it..... well, I think I do but I probably don't. I mean I hardly know anything about socialising at the moment.

Alec looks back at me for a sec and smiles. He's hardly looked at me all night and when he does it either to smile, a quick kiss or to gawk at what I'm wearing.

I'm blaming Lillian. Its a tight dress with a corset and a bell skirt. Then I have tights and boots. My hair.... well, I think its curled.

"Are you okay?" I whisper putting a hand to his cheek. He opens his mouth to speak but Lillian steps in.

"He's fine. Aren't you Alec?" Lillian insists. Alec nods silently then pulls me closer to him. I snuggle up but something burning in my brain. A memory trying to get through. Then as I relax it shoots through.


"Leslie's a threat to our society you can't keep her as what a pet?" Daniel says. He's sat leaning back in his chair at the head of the council.

"She's not a pet" Alec says remaining standing in the centre of the room. Directly in front of me.

"I can't see" I whisper. Everyone turns to look at me and I know my eyes have glazed over. Alec takes my hands gripping them.

"What do you see Leslie?" he whisper pushing back some hair from where it has fallen loose across my face.

"I..... I see...... I will forget" I whisper looking directly at Alec.

"That's the best news ever" Daniel exclaims rising to his feet."Since we have herad this...... You may go" Daniel says.

"I will make her remember again when it happens.... besides the past nor future is hidden from her. She controls time, you cant take that" Alec says sternly.

"Her knowledge is all we need gone" Daniel says smiling.


"Past nor future" I whisper coming back to the present.

"What?" Lillian and Alec say together looking straight at me in shock.

I have Visions....... of past and future....... and suposedly I can pause and control time. That's..... that's not possible right?

I look up at Alec. I feel my strength fading. "Past caught be hidden when I can see both Past and Future" I whisper.

"We need to get out of her Alec..... Now, if she's just had a vision...." Lillian insist.

"Of course" Alec says pulling me into his arms like a child then getting to his feet. "We will discuss this when we get home"

The End

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