"Hey Bryan!" I called cheerily to the owner of the haberdashery as we walked in from the busy street. He was busy sitting down doing a crossword at the counter.

"Good afternoon Lillian." he said without looking up,

"What are we doing here?" Leslie asked quietly holding Alec's hand.

"Getting some material." I said walking excitedly through the isles of rows and rows of material,

"Some?! You nearly buy my whole shop Lillian." Bryan said with a small chuckle,

"And you love me for it."

"Indeed I do."  Bryan was old and didn't really asked questions, that's why he didn't know that I was a vampire, just some incredibly pretty girl.

I went around picking six different rolls of fabric and set them down on the counter,
"Okay..." I would like five meters of this," I pointed to the first of the pile which was a beautiful, soft, baby blue silk, Bryan got his post-it notes as he knew what I would do next "four meters of this, another five of this, three of this, and two of this, plus three of this please Bryan." I said quickly and pointed to each in turn.

"One minuet then." he took them over to his cutting station and got to work,

"What are they for?" Alec asked as I walked over to the ‘extras' rack picking up some silver ribbon and buttons,

"A little something I'm working on." he nodded not really interested,
A man walked into the shop. One I didn't recognise. He looked at us standing at the counter then moved on down one of the isles. I must admit that he was rather good looking, but I didn't think he was a vampire. If he was he was hiding it pretty well.

I paid for my stuff and we walked back onto the sidewalk,

"Did you recognise that guy?" I said directing it a both of them,

"Should I?!" Leslie started to panic,

"No, no. He was just a bit suspicious that's all." she called down a little,, "Hey, why don't we go out tonight?!" 

The End

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