Leslie: PainMature

I take the photo from her. i can recognise myself and the other must be her. "New york, America" I whisper.

Something flashes in my head and I drop the photo to press my face into my hands. I don't hear it hit the floor and Alec is holding it. "You okay?" He asks.

"That flipping hurt my head, no I'm not okay Alec" I snap. Then I take in a breath.

"That's more like you Les" Lillian squeals.

"What?" I say confused looking back at her. Alec moves to slide his arm round my shoulder and leans against the chair.

"You still have your spark to you" she says leaning forward. She picks up another picture. "Here"

I look at it then burst out laughing yet I don't know why. "This was at Alton Towers" I say smiling.

"Remember yet?" Lillian asks.

I look down at the photo. "I can't explain my actions but you do feel quite..... familiar from my reactions.... I can't seem to remember anything though. Not without tremendous pain in my skull" I explain.

"Then this can't continue" Alec says looking straight at Lillian. She sighs then picks up the stuff mumbling something about it not being fair. "Are you okay?"

"I'm fine, Alec. I'm not a child" I say following Lillian out of the room. "Can we go shopping?"

The End

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