Lillian: Remember this?Mature

"You don't remember me?" I said soflty as they walked back in. Alec helped Leslie sit down at the kitchen table as she shook her head, slighly scared and hearing the upset tone in her voice she said, "No."

We stood (and sat) there in silence for about three minuetes.

"I have an idea." I suddenly said, Alec looked at me slightly annoyed that I frightened him by my sudden out burt and Leslie was looking as nervous as ever.

I jogged out of the kitchen,

"Where- and what I may add- are you doing?!" Alec called after me, I didn't answer but jogged  into the living room and gathered all the things with me and Leslie in it. He heard me and it suddenly clicked as I ran into the kitchen again,

"Oh please don't do this Lillian," Alec sighed, I put the things down on the table that inclueded a photograph of me and Leslie. I suddenly jumped up drammatically turning around and looking at my bum,



"It's you, you know, the pain in my arse." I smiled.

"Very funny Lillian" Alec feld his arms across his chest but he couldn't hide the slight smile.

"I thought so. Now," I sat down opposite Leslie looking at the items on the table "Let's see if we can jog your memory." I picked up the picture and passed it to her. "Remember this?"


The End

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