I was concerned that Leslie couldn't remember anything.  I was hurt when she couldn't remember me but when Lillian, one of her closest friends, walked in as she usually did and there was no recognition on her face my stomach sank even further.

'We'll be back in a minute.'  I put my hand on Leslie's arm and led her out the room.  I knew Lillian would still be able to hear us but it probably wouldn't make Leslie feel any better if we had this conversation in front of someone she didn't recognise.

'Don't you recognise her?'  I whispered.  Leslie had gone very pale and she looked dazed.

'I can't remember her...'  Her eyes began to fill up with tears.  I pulled her against me, stroking her hair.

'Don't cry.  I can promise you that you can trust her, she's your best friend.'  I could feel Leslie shaking her head against my shoulder.

'I would remember that.  I know I would.'

'What about me?  Do you think you should have remembered me?'  I wanted her to say yes.  I needed her to

'With you it's different.  I have this feeling pulling me to you.'  It made me feel warm to know that our bond was so strong that she recognised me even after her mind had been wiped.

'Are you ready to talk to her?  She is important to you.'

The End

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