I walked up to the house happily as my new heels clip-cloped along the pavement and my long red curls bouncing around my face. I tapped on the door with the usuall rythem. No answer. I knocked again while shouting, 

"I know your in there Alec.... You can't ignore me I'm a pain for life!" I laughed as he opened the door,

"Tell me about it."

"Oh shut up Alec,  you love me really. Deep, deep down." I teased him as I followed him across the hall and ito the kitchen.

"Yeah," he agreed "so deep it's almost like it doesn't exsist" he smiled as he moved, what I take as Leslies breakfast, around the pan on the ovan. She walked in as I sat on the corner of the kitchen counter,

"Morning" Me and Alec said in union, she looked at me confused and Alec looked at me through the corner of his eye confused.

"Morning" She directed at Alec,

"What about me? What have I done to get in your wrong books exactley" I started to get a little irritated as she walked over to Alec and kissed him, "I drew some designs for you." she stared at me "the designs for your new dress" I prompted her. She looked up at Alec and back to me still confused. 

Alec gave me a worried look "We'll be back in a minuet." he said nudging Leslie towards the door. They walked out as I took the notebook, with the designs in, out of my chestnut leather bag and put them on the table.

My green eyes looked down at my out fit. With my dark blue skinny jeans with plain tank top with little detail around the empite neckline and military jacket with gold buttons, all designed and made by me. What was up with Leslie? I vampire hearing could hear through the door as they muttered to myself, I wasn't a moron.

"Don't you reckognise her?" Alec muttered. Recognise? What was he on about, I'm her bet friend.

"I can't remember her..."

The End

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