Time to step backMature

Leslie wakes up with her memory gone. The only thing that she has to go on his her supposed Vampire boyfriend and a whole lot of trouble she caused.

"Uh" I groan rolling over. I scream and grip at the object in my side. My eyes flutter open.

Where am I?

No...... Wait....... Who am I? Oh god I don't even know my own name.

I sit up and look round. The place is dark but..... I think its an alley. I get to my feet and stumble against the wall. I look down at the object in my side and my head burns.

"Ahhh!" I scream reaching up to grip my head with one hand while with the other yanks the dagger from my side. I'm shocked as I watch it heal up on its own.

What's..... What's happening to me?

"Leslie!" A voice shouts. It sounds male. But why did the name sound familiar...... Was it my name?

But something about the voice scared me. It made chills run down my back and it sounded taunting. Like he was only calling me to hurt me.

I turn and ran. I ran down the alley and out into a street. I didn't know where I was but I couldn't go back, not to that terrifying voice.

Then something in my pocket buzzed. I pulled out a phone and on the screen was a name 'Alec'. Why did that name make my heart leap?

Why was I suddenly feeling safe? I press answer and put it to my ear.

"God, Leslie where are you?" the voice was full of relief and it did sound familiar.

"I.... I don't know. Alec..... I can't remember anything. I've only just remembered my name" I whisper.

He's silent and I look around I see people glancing over at me. I then realise my jeans and top are slashed and covered with blood.

"Alec..... I can hardly remember anything about you but.... I know I can trust you. I need you to find me.... I can see a shop called Tillie's Dresses" I stutter.

I hear a sharp draw in of breath. "That's close to their base no wonder you can hardly remember anything. Go to the store I'll fetch you from there...... and I love you Leslie"

He disconnects and I'm left confused. He said he loved me..... why does that not shock me but make me filled with hapiness?

Oh god, I really need to remember.

The End

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