Constantinople, May of 1453

You feel that familiar tingling sensation, followed by that wave of numbness. You dare not open your eyes lest you see the infinite and are driven mad. Instead, you wait as your training taught you and soon the numbness passes, to be replaced with disorientating pins and needles. Cautiously you open your eyes and look into the clear blue sky of Constantinople, May 1453.

You almost fall as the pins and needles feeling travels through your feet but you lean against the wall of the brickwork alley you find yourself in and manage to stay upright. The fall of Constantinople, he'd never think to look for you here, everything in both your and his training warns against jumping to major historical events, affecting the time line. The Coat helps, keeps you hidden, rendering you not so much invisible as unnoticeable, people will pass you without notice, avoiding you without thinking and never recall the fact that you were there. It's risky, but then waiting around for Vincent is suicide.

It's ironic that you of all people would break regulations and jump back to a Prime Co-ordinate, after all, this whole thing started with Vincent's unauthorised travel. He'd erased and warped so many time lines in his quest to bring Sophia back and for what? Love? Was love really worth risking everything over? You already know the answer, you've seen the damage that's been done. Nothing is worth that cost.

Now the chancellor is dead, killed by your own hands to silence him from revealing the mission he himself sent you on. You have to find Sophia, where ever and when ever she is, and erase her, permanently and irrevocably, so completely that nothing, not even Vincent with his exceptional talent for temporal engineering, can ever hope to change things. You need to do so with such thoroughness that even the Nearly White Disc's proximity wont protect the memories from erasure. You tell yourself the photo is only a reference, only a way of finding her but you can taste the lie on your tongue and it's bitter sweet. The truth is, you love her too and that's why you were running from Vincent. Not because of the mission, not because you know he will kill you to get what he wants. No, you're running because you mean to take her from him and erase any evidence they were ever together.

The things you do for love.

The End

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