Time To Fall In Love

Charlotte is eleven and she wants to fall in love. With the prince of course, but she finds out that he only asked her to dance at the ball because his mum made him.... Read it to find out more. :)

Charlotte Kate smiled with delight when she looked into the mirror. Her hair was perfect, her dress, was beautiful, and today was going to be the best day ever. She was going to a ball. She given her way, was going to meet a hansome prince. Charlotte wantes to fall in love.

          "Char come here, we're going to be late." King Peterse called from downstairs.

          "Coming Daddy." Charlotte walked down the stairs one at a time. Her mummy said she had to to look like a lady.

          "Why, don't you look like a beautiful little princess." her daddy gasped with pride. In his mind this was just another step in becoming a princess. To go to a royal ball.

          Charlotte stopped at the last step and her father took her hand. But instead of letting her hand stay in his massive hand, she pulled it out and gave him a hug around the neck.

          The carriage honked outside and Charlotte let her hands go. King Peterse once again took his daughter's hands, but instead of pulling away she left her tiny hand there.

          They speed walked out to the horses and Charlotte's father helped her on to the carriage. Her father then slid in next to her.

          "Oh, daddy. Aren't you so excited?" Charlotte practially yelled.

          "Not as excited as you, but definately excited." her dad squeazed her hand, that was still grasped in his.

          They waited in silence for the rest of the ride. But Charlotte could not hide her excitement for long. Once she saw the church in which the ball was to be held, she started babbling on and on about her dream of marrying the twelve year old prince. Char lootke little gasps of air between sentences.

          Charlotte was out of breath, and she had nothing more to say. The carriage skittered to a stop and the King slid down. His feet landed gracefully on the ground.

          He took Char's waist and lifted her down easily. She was so tiny for being eleven. She barely weighed sixty-seven pounds.

          Princess Charlotte grinned when they walked through the oak doors. She was so happy.

          "Daddy, I'm scared." her tiny face turned into a frown.

          "Nonsense. My little princess is never scared. She said so herself." her father's silly words made Charlotte giggle. She was back to her normal self.

          Char walked over to the nearest table and her father followed her. They watched the women dance with their mates.

          The King looked away and Charlotte saw a tear escape his light blue eye. He was thinking about Ella, Char's mummy who had died when she was born. Charlotte had never seen her before, but her father told her that she looked exactly like Char. Blond curls and all.

          "Oh, daddy. Don't cry." Charlotte patted her father's back and wiped his teara away.

          "You're right. I shouldn't cry. It would ruin it for you."

          Charlotte felt breath on the back of her neck and turned around in her chair. What she saw suprised her, it was a hansome boy, the prince to be exact. He was even cuter than she had thought he was going to be.

          "Would you like to dance?" he asked her politely holding out his hand.

          "Yes." Char gladly took his hand and they walked out to the middle of the dance floor.

          The prince placed his free hand on Charlotte's waist as she placed her hand on his shoulder. They danced for four songs straight. Charlotte began to think that her fairytale was absolutely going to come true.

The End

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