Time To Escape

It was a really windy Saturday afternoon. Rebecca, Andrew and James Cook went to the shop to buy some sweets. Andrew and James shouted, "Go and buy us some sweets!" to Rebecca. Rebecca replied, "No, why should I? Go and buy them yourself!" in an annoyed voice. So James and Andrewwent and bought their own sweets and then walked off leaving Rebecca behind. Rebecca walked off in a sad kind of slouch.

Rebecca found footprints and started to follow them, they ended up leading through the deep, dark forest. Before Rebecca started to follow into the forest she shouted to James and Andrew, who luckily heard her and went with her to investigate the footprints. They all followed the fresh, wet prints through the deep, dark forest. The footprints changed into pools of blood in the shape of footprints.

Rebecca and the boys stopped, James wanted to go on, Andrew became so scared that he began to run the opposite way and Rebecca had to grab Andrew to keep him calm. Rebecca grabbed Andrew in a friendly way. Then suddenly a pack of wolves pounced out of the bushes. Andrew and Rebecca got so scared that they ran to the other end of the forest, leaving James on his own bravely fighting off the woves. A large, furocious wolf jumped at James and bit him, he had no choice, he ran for his life.

Rebecca and Andrew had ran to the other side of the forest, but James had ran to a bright shining light. Rebecca and Andrew were quite safe, but James tripped over something, it was a body. The wolves had been chasing Rebecca, Andrew and James because they were hungry and feeding their young.

Rebecca and Andrew started calling, "James!.... James!" he heard them and ran towards their voices in terror. Rebecca and Andrew walked into James as he ran and looked back over his shoulder. He told them to run and then as they ran he told them about the decomposed body he tripped over.

They heard an owl hooting in the gloomy darkness. They all followed the sound of the owl. When they found the owl it carried on hooting for 5 minutes. Was this a warning? As he stopped hooting the pack of wolves pounced out of the bushes. It was so dark that Rebecca, Andrew and James could only see many glowing eyes approaching them. The pack attacked Andrew and dragged him away into the deep, dark forest.

James and Rebecca darted to their right. Then Rebecca stopped James as she seen something move in the distance. They both looked into the darkness and seen a human figure stood there getting slightly closer. "Who are you?........Answer me...NOW!" demanded Rebecca. The person moved even closer and then pulled something out of their pocket. They heard a button being pressed and then a bright light blared in their eyes.

The person then spoke softly, "It's alright children, I'm PC Stuart Gibbons, I'm a police officer. What's your names then?" After a moments silence James replied, " I'm James Cook and this is my sister Rebecca Cook." PC Gibbons then friendly said, "Lets get you two home, shall we?" and then he gave them a smile. They both nodded and the officer led them back onto the street. As they were just about to get completely out of the forest James felt something grab his leg, he looked down and there on the floor was Andrew.

The officer phoned for an ambulance after noticing that Andrew had lost one foot and was cut all over his torso. James went in the ambulance with Andrew whilst Rebecca was taken home by the policeman to tell their parents everything which had happened. Their parents got upset and they set off and went to the hospital. Will Andrew be okay? Will the decomposed body ever be found? Or will everything be forgotten?

The End

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