Used To Be

Nemesis went into another room which was filled with computers, every desk had a working computer and every computer monitor was on. One computer caught Nemesis' eye, this computer had pictures on the screen. There were only two and they were of Nemesis now and of the scientist he used to be. A tear grew in his eye and then he smashed the computer monitor.

He left the room and checked all of the other rooms in the building, the last room he checked was his old office. On his desk he had a picture of his wife and then single pictures of his 3 children. Another tear grew in his eye and rolled down Nemesis' yellowish cheek. A few more tears followed and then he flung his photographs at the wall. He then left the room.

As he was walking around he noticed a new looking wall, so he ran at it and went through it. Nemesis didn't realise the wall was infront of a door. He found an opening in the floor in the hidden room. The opening led to the depths of the sea, so Nemesis dived into the water and swam to the surface. He looked around and noticed Deaden Island, so he swam back under to the under sea opening.

He started to turn the whole of Deaden Island into his home. This meant exploring every nook and cranny. All Nemesis needed now was fresh people to attack and feed off, because he knew the dead employees of Deaden won't last forever. To pass the time quicker Nemesis done experiments on the corpses of the Deaden employees.


The End

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