Corpse Dump

All the dead corpses were all piled in one place. The place was undeground at the bottom of some stairs which led to a giant door. This door led out to the open air and the sea above ground. Everytime the monster got hungry he would pick up a corpse and start to devour it. The monster claimed the company building as his home.

The monster couldstill do everything a human could,but now he could do even more than a human. His new abilities meant he was stronger than ever before. The building seems to go into lockdown. The monster seemed trapped it was as though someone was still in the company building.

The monster found a keycard on the floor and managed to hack into the system to bring the building out of lockdown. He placed the keycard in his torn pocket and entered a door at random. He continued through the company building double checking every room. He entered one room and there were about five scientists, they all started to run and scream as the monster entered. All except one scientist who stared at the monster and murmured, "Nemesis" The monster then became known to the rest of the scientists as Nemesis.

One of the scientists quickly wrote 'Nemesis' on a piece of paper and took a quick photo, then he was slaughtered by Nemesis. He also killed all the rest of the scientists in the room. Nemesis left the room with the scientists' bodies in tow to his body dump at the base of the stairs.

The End

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