Time To Discover: The Beginning

zombie story based around the Resident Evil films and games.

One really wet Wednesday morning a company called Deaden were planning an experiment. All the company needed was a person to do the experiment on. They couldn't find anyone willing to be experimented on, so one of the scientists decided he would be the test subject. Before the experiment went ahead the scientist rang his family to tell them about his decision. His family only had photos sent to them to see what he looked like as they hadn't seen him for a couple of years.

After he finished talking to his family he went and got ready for the experiment. He didn't know what to expect but he prepared himself for anything. His fellow scientists warned him for a final time that there were risks, but he went ahead with the experiment anyway.

The experiment went well, but after a short while the scientist's brain waves changed dramatically. In the space of 10 minutes his skin began to split and he became a fully formed monster. He attacked his fellow scientists. He killed everyone on the island that they were situated on.

The End

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