Short Recovery Time

They helped Jill into the living room area and sat her down. Chris was still unconscious at this point. Mark bandaged up Chris's head, Karen got the first aid kit out for Jill's injuries and Nora got the ice pack out for Jill's face. Claire then stood up and stormed outside again and sat next to Christine and stared at the sea with her.

As she was staring something big came swimming towards the surface extremely fast. Claire got her gun out and then pushed Christine away from the edge. The thng jumped onto the boat. When Claire saw it she backed away in fright because infront of her stood a huge hidious monster. The monster who was named Nemesis by the scientists. Christine ran inside and shouted, "Claire in danger! Monster on the b...boa...boat!" Mark, Karen, Nora and Suzy rushed to the door. They could see the hidious monster stood infront of Claire, who was aiming her gun at the hidious beast.

Jill carefully got up, grabbed her gun and then limped as quickly as she could over to the door. She pushed through and stood next to Claire and aimed her gun at the monster aswell. They both shot at the monster, but it had hardly any effect at all. The monster lashed out his huge hand at Jill and Claire. He just caught Claire's arm with his razor sharp claws.

The End

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