Tension In The Friendship

Jill hit Claire in the shoulder and she hit Jill in the stomach. Chris spun round then darted to Jill's aid. He pushed Claire away and said, "Calm down you two, we're supposed to all be friends not enemies, so don't keep fighting." Claire pushed Chris aside and started pounding Jill once again in the stomach, side, head and face. Chris pushed Claire over and supported Jill before she collapsed to the floor. He took her inside leaving Claire angry on the floor.

Claire got up and walked over to Christine. Inside, Chris sat Jill down and sat next to her. They spoke for a little while, then Chris said softly, "Jill stay here and rest. I have to go and talk to my sister. I'll be back in a minute." So Chris went outside, he saw Claire so he walked over and placed his hand on her shoulder. As he did Claire moaned in pain and pushed him away. He tripped over and badly bashed his head.

Jill seen Chris flat on the floor outside so she stood up and headed out to him. She limped outside and seen the blood coming from Chris's head, then she looked at Claire. Fire burned in her eyes, she was furious in rage. Jill limped over to Claire, who stood up, and punched her straight in the face. Claire regained her balance and then done a combination of kicks and punchesinto Jill's face and abdomen.

Jill fell to the floor in pain, Christine was still staring at the sea. Mark, Karen, Suzy and Nora went running to Claire and Jill. Suzy grabbed Claire's arm and pulled her inside. Mark checked Chris's head briefly and then carried him inside and placed him on the sofa. Nora and Karen got Jill up onto her feet, but she fell back down again. Nora stood Jill up again and put her arm over her shoulder and Karen done the same, but on the other side so she was completely supported.

The End

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