Time To Discover 2

another story in the Time To Discover saga. Again based on Resident Evil.

A year after the Sherman family and two friends went missing another group of friends went out to sea. They were Christine, Karen, Nora, Jill, Claire, Chris, Suzy and Mark. They were planning on going to France for a fortnight as a treat to spend time to catch up on any latest gossip.

That morning at 6am they set off to get to the boat. At 8am they started their journey to France. It was a sunny morning. Christine was looking off the edge of the boat and as she stared she saw something move really fast. Jill went over to Christine and asked, "Are you ok? You look as though you've seen a ghost!" Christine just stared at the sea ignoring Jill completely. Jill put her hand on Christine's shoulder, but Christine just carried on staring at the sea.

Chris and Claire then came out chatting and laughing away. Jill walked over to them and said, "She won't stop staring at the sea and I don't know why she won't listen or react to anything I do or say." Claire looked annoyed and Chris seemed more caring. Claire just shouted, "Did you hear about the last people who went over the sea to France?" Jill glared at her and then replied, "No I didn't. Oh and also you can stop shouting. I can hear you even when you growl!"

"I'll shout all I like so shut up. Well back to what happened, the people never reached France and they never returned home, so no-one ever saw them again and that was a year ago. Why else did you think I told you to bring your rubbish pistol?" yelled Claire, "She's probably worried about it. Ha ha ha ha ha ha." she added.

Jill stayed silent for a while and then she turned round and shouted agressively, "I hate you Claire, your so big headed and fat. My gun isn't rubbish either, it is better than your gun, so get lost!" Claire giggled and shouted, "I hope there's something out there so it can kill you. Oh and I ain't the fat one around here you are." Chris walked towards Christine. At that point Claire and Jill lashed out at each other.

The End

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