The monster charged at Steve, but he managed to dodge the monster. The monster bashed through the wooden fence infront of Coral. Coral was hit in the process and knocked unconscious. Steve picked Coral up and put her over his shoulder and ran. Steve saw the boy's corpse, he picked the corpse up and swam out of there.

They all go on to the island where Deborah, Corrin, Liz and Uzzel were waiting and searching. Corrin spotted Steve, Coral and the corpse of Ben. She told the others and they all ran to help. Coral was the only one conscious now out of her and Steve. Deborah carried Ben's body to the boat while the others carried Steve to the boat.

After everyone got on the boat they drove the boat to the otherside of the island. Uzzel made them stop so he could check something. They all watched Uzzel, who uncovered a big door in the ground. They all got off the boat to have a look, they decided to open the door and when they did the smell of rotten bodies flew out of the hole.

The End

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