Nice To Hear A Familiar Voice

The person then started laughing and then said, "Coral it's nice to hear your voice. I thought you were a goner. Did you see any of the others? That beast didn't hurt you did he?" Coral replied, "It's nice to know that you're ok too. I'm a little happier hearing a familiar voice. He didn't hurt me either, did he hurt you?" Steve hesitated before answering, "Yeah, he has taken five chunks of flesh out of my stomach. It hurts but I'll live for now, I hope."

Coral was shocked and didn't speak for a little while, then she said, "Dad, I'm in pain." Steve was just about to answer, but he passed out from blood loss. At that point the monster returned and looked in all the holes, when he got to Steve he stopped and pulled off the wooden fence. He picked Steve up and started eating his stomach infront of Coral. Steve managed to cry out in agony.

He had a few more chunks of flesh from Steve's stomach. Steve was pulled closer so the monster was nearly touching his neck, Steve managed to hit the monster off freeing hmself from the beast's hands. Steve then quickly tried to get the wooden fence off of Coral's hole, but it was stuck.

The End

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