Gross, Trapped

Suddenly the monster jumped out of the sea and landed infront of Coral and grabbed her arm, he dragged her into the sea and took her to his den. When they got to his cold damp den Coral noticed the body of the dead boy, she also noticed a tunnel. The monster took her through the tunnel.

At the end of the tunnel there was another room that had lots of holes in the wall, the monster chucked her in one of the holes and then he made a wooden fence and wedged it in front of Coral. The monster pulled out a female adult from the hole next to Coral. He pulled her close to his mouth and bit chunks of flesh out of the side of her neck.

After he had bit chunks out of her neck, he dragged her over to the wall and he pushed a stone in and the wall opened up. The monster carried the woman through the opening in the wall and it shut behind him. Coral began to look around as the opening shut behind the hidious beast.

Then someone asked, "Hey where do you come from?" Coral was startled by the person and then she finally replied, "I come from Kendle. Where do you come from and what is your name?" The person replied, "My name is Steve and I come from Kendle too. What is your name?" Coral then replied, "Your name is familiar. My dad's name is Steve. My name is Coral."

The End

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