Mysterious Island

The next morning at 8am the family and friends got up and had breakfast, after that they carried on towards France. On the way to France they found an island that didn't appear on the map, they sailed over to the island and stopped. They got off the boat and then they went for a walk on the island. They didn't find any life on the island, so they presumed the island was abandoned, but are they right.

After 2 hours exploring they heard something move. They all cuddled up in fright, then they heard it again and so they all ran to get to the boat. They couldn't stay together when running so they split up and most of them got lost. The only person who didn't get lost was a girl named Coral, she found the boat and also something had found her.

On top of the boat stood a hidious, gross, disgusting big monster, it's hands were covered in blood and so was his face and even in his mouth. It picked  up the dead boy's body and jumped into the sea. Coral creeped slowly towards the boat hoping that the monster had gone, it seemed that he had and so Coral turned around and walked away from the boat.

The End

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