Time To Discover 1

Continue from Time To Discover: The Beginning. Again based on Resident Evil.

One really sunny Friday afternoon a family and a couple of friends went on a boat. They went over the sea to get to France when disaster struck unexpectedly. A storm appeared whilst they were at sea and the boat rocked left and right. One of the children fell into the sea, and so one of the adults decided to dive in after them.

The adult saw the child and grabbed his hand. When they got to the surface the adult got on the boat and tried to pull the child up, but something was pulling the child under.

In the end after about 5 minutes they managed to pull the child up, but when they got him on board he had a ripped open stomach. The other adults came running to the child's aid. They covered the wounds up and carried him inside. After an hour of the young boy being in intense pain he died. Everyone on the boat had 2 minutes silence and then cried. Soon after the boy's death the storm stopped and the darkness rolled in.

The End

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