Time To Be AfraidMature

One dark wet Saturday evening in a town named Evana a boy was walking in the street. The boy was named Thomas and he was always in a world of his own, but strangely his little world he lived in made him sleep all through the day and awake all through the night. A group of teenagers started to follow him, for some reason he was aware of them but didn't worry. The teenagers tripped him up and he just got back up and carried on walking like he was in a trance. "Hey kid what you doing out this late isn’t it past your bedtime." shouted the leading teenager. At that moment Thomas turned around and looked straight at the group, he showed them that he wasn't afraid of them and so they ran away and left him alone. Thomas walked into a back alley where he stopped and stared up at the sky, the rain ran down his face like tears. His body began to shake and so he fell to the floor and put his hands over his face.

He stayed there for a whole hour, when he got up he just walked back towards his house. On his way home he was stopped by the group of teenagers from before, they again tripped him over and instead of waiting for him to get up they just began to boot the hell into him all at the same time. When they finally stopped they weren't expecting him to get back up, but he did, he got up and grabbed one of them and flung him into the wall. The rest of the group attacked him all together hoping that he wouldn't have a chance. He managed to fight them off and in the end they wished that they never touched him. Thomas never wanted to hurt anyone but the group of teenagers really did deserve the fate they suffered. Thomas went home and sat in his room thinking about how he had acted towards people which he seen as being no threat.

The next morning a woman walking her dog found the group of teenagers dead in the back alley. Thomas went to sleep thinking about what he'd done. He didn't know what he could do as an alternative to stop them from picking on him. He then drifted off to sleep for an hour, he dreamt of the teenager beating him up again and again. He only slept for an hour as he seen himself turning into something evil and scary. When he woke up he was sweating a lot, he got out of bed and slowly walked towards the bathroom. The bright light of the morning startled Thomas and so he fell to the floor and crawled below the light coming in the window. His mum came up the stairs to Thomas and asked, "What are you doing up? You're usually in bed until 9pm, especially when you've been out all night. Is something wrong?" Thomas got up off the floor and looked at his mum, she noticed that he had a black eye and so she immediately asked, "What happened to you? Has someone beat you up? Or have you just bashed your eye?" Her face showed that she was concerned about him, even though she doesn't care about him sleeping through the day and staying out all night.

He looked at her and replied, "I had a bad dream and so I wanted a drink of water. I don't know why I've got a bad eye, but as far as I remember nothing happened last night." He got up off the floor and walked back into his bedroom. His mum thought nothing more of it and went back downstairs. Thomas just went back to sleep, again he dreamt of the dead bodies covered in thick oozing blood. He suddenly woke up again and this time he ran to the toilet because he felt sick. He didn't make it to the toilet in time and vomited in front of the bathroom door. He ran back into his bedroom and hid under his covers. He stayed there all day, except when it became dark and cold.

At about 9:32pm Thomas left his room and went downstairs to have a quick bite to eat before he went out at 9:45pm. When he went past the alleyway where the teenagers died he could see all the police quarantine tape so he turned back and headed to the park instead. He entered the park and he could see that there was two girls about his age sat on the swings talking. He hoped that the girls wouldn't see him, but they did and so he started to run. As he looked back he started to panic even more as he was expecting them to be chasing him, but they weren't so he started to slow down and stopped panicking. He noticed that the girls were still sat on the swings talking to each other and nearly taking no attention of his weird behaviour. Thomas started to walk towards the girls and when he did they turned and looked at him.

"Hi what you doing out at this time of night?" asked the one and the other just stood there waiting for him to reply. Thomas looked at the ground and replied, "Why should I tell you it's none of your business." The girls looked at Thomas in disgust and shouted, "What the fuck I was only being friendly and you react like that. Have you got something wrong with you?" Thomas began to back away and so the girls started to laugh and say, "You little chicken. Stop backing away we won't hurt you unless we have to." Thomas started to get angry and shouted, "I'm sorry! I don't get on with many people please forgive me!" The girls then laughed again and just walked off making chicken jokes as they left the park.

Thomas fell to his knees and put his head in his hands and cried. After a minute or two of crying he got up and he left the park to follow the girls. He could hear them laughing and he could also just about see them at the top of the road. He slowly followed to make sure that they didn't notice him. He watched as they stopped for a sit down along the road on a wall. Thomas took an alternate route to get to the girls. In fact they walked straight into him; "Watch where you’re walking dude!" exclaimed the one girl and then she recognized his face. They both backed away from him and so he said, "You little chickens. Stop backing away I won't hurt you unless I have to." The girls fell backwards on top of one another. Thomas couldn't stop himself and ended up attacking both the girls, leaving them both bleeding in the street, Thomas ran home again and hid in his bedroom hoping that he could control the urge to go back and finish the girls off. He clenched his hair and started to pull at it.

The next morning came and his mum come into his room and opened the curtains. She noticed that Thomas was curled up in the corner sleeping in his own vomit. Instead of her being nasty, she felt sorry for him and so she woke him and got him into bed. "Thomas you must know that if you have a problem you can come and talk to me about it. I promise that my anger and raging is going to stop." Thomas looked at her and began crying; she cuddled him and then left him in peace so that he could get some rest before she cleaned his room up. He managed to sleep for half the day even though his curtains were open letting in lots of sunlight. He got up at about 1:17pm which to him was very early. His mum cleaned his room up whilst Thomas was downstairs getting some food into his empty stomach.

When his mum finished his room she sat with him in the living room and asked, "Do you have any idea what happened to two girls last night?" Thomas looked his mum in the eyes and replied quietly, "Yes I do. They were attacked by a raged psychopathic monster." His mum looked at him puzzled. "What do you mean Thomas?" she asked quietly. He moved away a bit and replied, "What I mean is that they were attacked by me. I didn't mean them any harm it's just they made me angry, I couldn't control myself, but I tried." His mum just stood up and stormed out of the room. Thomas knew exactly what he'd done to the new relationship between him and his mum. It was wrecked. He then heard something big hit the chairs down in the kitchen, he ran to see what it was and when he realized he ran to the telephone and rang for an ambulance. His mum had cut her own wrists, but because she hated blood she passed straight out after doing it. Thomas feared for his mum's life.

When she got to the hospital she was already dead and there was nothing they could do to save her. Thomas for some reason didn't go with his mum in the ambulance instead he stayed at home. They had no way of contacting him to tell him that his mum hadn't made it, so he didn't know whether she survived or not. Although he had no clue of her status he sensed that the news on her would be bad. Thomas walked out of the house and went towards the park. As he went to cross the road he peered towards the house where he attacked the girls, he began to worry and so instead of going to the park he walked along the road. When he got outside the house where he attacked the girls he turned and walked up to the door. He knocked and then waited patiently for someone to answer the door. Thomas became nervous as the door slowly opened. The person in the doorway was a tall man in his 30s.

"Yes. What do you want?" asked the tall man. Should I tell him everything about what happened? Thomas thought. "Well sir sorry to bother you, but are there any girls living here?" asked Thomas nervously. "Yes there are but something terrible happened to them last night. Why do you ask?" the man relied. Damn what should I tell him now? If I tell him that I was the cause of the terrible thing I'll be done for, he thought to himself. "I asked because I need to speak to those girls. I seen them come here yesterday, but had no time to come see them. So are they alright?" explained Thomas. The man looked at him and made a gesture for him to enter. Thomas stepped into the house and followed the man to the girls.

"Here they are. I'll leave you alone to talk, but if you need me I'll just be out there." exclaimed the man. Thomas walked over to the girls, who were sat quietly on the sofa resting. They looked at him and started to panic. "There's no need to be afraid I never meant to harm you its just, you provoked me. I am so sorry for the pain I've caused. Please don't tell the police. I want to know, would you of wanted to be my friend if I didn't harm you?" Thomas persisted. The one girl replied, "We won't tell the police, but you have to make up for what you've done. Firstly my name is Alice and this is Rachel. Your name is?" Thomas looked at her and replied, "My name is Thomas. I'm willing to make up for what I've done." They then talked about what he had to do to make it up to them. After that he went home as the night drew near. He went to bed at about 10pm and was woken up by a knock at the door at 11:47pm. He went and answered the door and stood there was a couple of police officers. The officers asked to come in and so Thomas let them in. They sat him down and broke the news of his mum's death to him. After that they just left. Thomas sat on the sofa in the dark and cried all night, as he cried anger began to build up inside of him. He lost it.

He threw loads of ornaments around smashing them causing neighbors to wake up from the noise. He picked up his mum's favourite ornament and then he just dropped to the floor and weirdly he fell asleep. The next morning he got up and had a bite to eat and then he headed to meet Alice and Rachel. When he got to Alice and Rachel's house he again fell to the floor, but this time he just mourned for his mum. The girls' dad answered the door so he got Thomas up and took him inside to the girls. They sat him down on the sofa and comforted him. When he mentioned that he didn't get on with his mum they wondered why he was so upset. He told them that he had planned on building his relationship with his mum. He also told them that she only took her own life because he admitted to attacking them.

"It's alright Thomas we'll look after you. And don't worry about what we were gonna make you do. If you need to you can stay here with us for a few nights." suggested Alice. He looked at her and mumbled, "Are you sure that'll be alright with your parents? I don't want to cause any problems for you both." Alice nodded and then shouted for her dad to come in. Rachel then pushed Alice aside and asked, "Dad. Thomas has had a hard time so could he stay with us for a few nights? Please." Her dad looked at Thomas, then nodded and then walked back out of the room. Thomas thanked them and then gave them both a hug.

His head suddenly started to hurt and so he ran out of the room and out of the house completely. "Go away! Leave me alone! I won't do it! I can't do it, not to them!" Thomas shouted as he ran towards the park. Rachel and Alice chased after him to find out what was wrong. Thomas was found stood in the middle of the playing field, completely spaced out. He was staring up at the sky and his lips were moving, but he wasn't making a sound. Alice and Rachel slowly approached him and asked, "Thomas are you alright? Dude what happened back there?" Thomas slowly turned and looked at them; his eyes were pale blue and glowing. He opened his mouth and started to walk towards the girls, they could see that he had teeth like a wolf and so they turned and ran. Unfortunately Thomas could run a lot faster and so he caught them up easy, he grabbed Rachel and carried her away.

Alice turned sudden and screamed, "No! Thomas let her go! Don't hurt her!" Rachel was just screaming out in pain. Thomas suddenly grew huge claws which he used to tear at Rachel's clothes. Rachel screamed in terror and struggled to get free. Thomas didn't let her get away so easily and so he hit her. Alice went running towards Thomas to try and distract him to give Rachel a chance to escape his grasp. It worked, too well; Thomas dropped Rachel and ran straight at Alice instead. Rachel got up and ran leaving Alice to be chased, she went back home to get her dad to help them control Thomas. When she returned, with her dad, to the park Alice had already been caught but Thomas had stopped rampaging, instead he was sat with his hands over his face.

Alice slowly edged towards her dad, hoping not to make sudden movements just in case Thomas turned again. He sensed her moving away and so he turned his head and looked at her, he had tears in his eyes. "I'm sorry I didn't want you to follow so I could try to regain control. It's like a voice in my head ordering me to hurt people. I told it that I couldn't hurt you and Rachel but it forced me to." explained Thomas. Alice stopped moving away and instead she moved closer to him, Rachel and her dad kept their distance and just waited patiently to see what will happen next. "I understand that it's hard but could you please warn us before you go running out next time?" asked Alice quietly. Thomas nodded and so Alice put her arm around him, to let him know that she doesn't want him to think that he is an enemy to her.

Rachel and her dad walked over to Alice and Thomas, they helped both of them up off the floor. After, Rachel hugged Thomas, to show that to her he wasn't a threat, and then they all went back home to sit, talk and arrange his stay at their house. They planned for him to stay for about a week and then he could go back home. He agreed that a week should be long enough and so Alice and Rachel walked him home to get his clothes and anything which he thought he would need. "Tomorrow is Monday and so we'll have to go to school. Do you go to school?" stated Alice. Thomas looked at the floor and replied, "I used to go to school but then something happened to me and so I never went back. So what should I do whilst you're at school?" Rachel turned to Alice and whispered in her ear and then Alice said, "You can come with us; we'll get you enrolled as a student so you can come with us. That's only if you want to though. So what do you think?" He nodded and so they carried on home.

They got home and so Thomas followed Rachel upstairs to put his clothes away, he was allowed to sleep in with the girls as it was the only place he could stay. Rachel sat on her bed and stated, "Thomas you'll have to sleep in my bed and I'll sleep in with Alice." He just nodded and headed back downstairs, Rachel followed him downstairs. Alice grabbed Rachel and pulled her into the kitchen whilst Thomas carried on into the living room. "What you doing following him like a leech? He doesn't want to get involved with you. He probably won't be interested in any of us after school tomorrow." complained Alice.

Thomas followed and then Alice flung Rachel into the bin. Rachel got up and ran straight into Alice knocking her straight onto the floor. "Stop it! Stop fighting!" shouted Thomas. Rachel soon got up off Alice and looked at him. He then ran off again this time though they didn't chance following, instead they started to fight again. Alice lost it and smashed Rachel straight onto the wall causing her to scream out in pain. Their dad came running out, he tried to help Rachel up but she couldn't be moved because it was too painful. An ambulance had to be called out to get her to hospital because she had a possible spinal injury. Alice felt ashamed and she got hit by her dad, but he didn't just smack her he punched her a few times. He managed to split her lip so she ran off, she ran to the park hoping to also find Thomas and luckily he was there. She walked up to Thomas and put her hand on his shoulder. "I'm so sorry that you had to see that. Rachel was going to try and take advantage of you, I didn't want you to be hurt by her." apologised Alice. He just stood there staring at the floor, she lifted his head to make him look at her and his eyes were again pale blue and glowing. She quickly backed away, but then she remembered letting him know that he wasn't a threat and moved back next to him.

As he began to realise that she was no longer scared of him his eyes went back to normal and so he pulled her close to him and whispered, "Are you sure that you weren't just jealous of your sisters crush on me?" he then added, "joke." She laughed and then she put both her arms around him to hug him. He suddenly held his head again and so Alice whispered, "You're gonna turn again aren't you Thomas? Try to fight it; I know that you can do it." He dropped to the floor and just lay there on the grass, he seemed as though he were dead except for the fact that he was still breathing. He lay there for 5 minutes and then he got back up. He was back to normal and so this time he pulled her close and then kissed her. Alice then said, "Shit. Sorry I got to go and find out if my sister is alright. She's gone to hospital; do you want to come along?" He nodded and so they headed back home hoping to get a lift to the hospital. On the way Thomas asked, "I forgot to ask, what happened to your lip? That definitely wasn't from your sister." Alice tried to avoid answering the question, but then Thomas stopped and waited until she answered, "It was my dad he punched me a few times after I hurt my sister." Thomas shook his head and then they just carried on home.

When they got to the house the ambulance was still there and so they went through the house to see whether Rachel was alright. Thomas took Alice's hand to encourage her to go and see how she was. She found out that her sister was lucky it was only the shock that stopped her from moving, but she had to go in to hospital to have it properly checked to confirm the paramedic’s diagnosis. Alice and Thomas didn't go with Rachel, but neither did her dad, so Thomas stayed close to Alice so that her dad wouldn't hurt her again. "Alice I have to go. My head is throbbing and I can feel my body changing, I can't protect you until I get back. Sorry." stated Thomas, then he ran out holding his head. Her dad seen him leave and so he pinned her up against the kitchen wall and punched the hell into her stomach and then he flung her across the room towards the door. She just lay there on the floor in pain crying, she couldn't get up so as he walked past her he booted her in the chest. She was winded and was hardly breathing by the time Thomas got back, he ran over to her and got her up. He took her upstairs and put her on the bed, he then shut the door and noticed there was a lock and so he locked it.

Her breathing started to stabilise and so Thomas became less worried. Again he apologised for leaving her especially as she got badly hurt. "To tell you the truth Thomas, the man downstairs isn't my real father, I was adopted along with Rachel; we were best friends and couldn't stand being left without each other so we were adopted together. My parents were murdered by a gang of teenagers and Rachel's parents got killed in a road traffic accident." explained Alice. Thomas couldn't believe it when she told him, but he knew that Alice wouldn't make up rubbish like that. She sat up and took Thomas's hands and whispered, "Don't blame yourself for what has happened to all the people in your life. Thank you for being here for me, by now I would have probably turned to suicide if you weren't here." He looked at the ground and then into her eyes and whispered, "I have no choice but to blame myself. My mum killed herself because of me, it is my fault and nothing can change that, but I love you and all I can do now is look after you and control myself. If I don't then one day that man downstairs won't wake up he'll be dead." his eyes then filled with tears. "Come here! It's okay now you're here with me and you're doing well in keeping control of that inner beast of yours." Alice whispered softly. They then cuddled each other; Thomas pulled away and shook his head.

"No not now! Go away! Leave me alone! I'm needed here! I can't run out now, no way!" cried Thomas. Alice grabbed his hand and cried, "If you go I come with you no matter how dangerous it is. I can't stay here on my own, not without you, no way!" He looked into her eyes, which were watering, and whispered, "Okay but if I tell you to get away from me please listen. I couldn't live with myself if I hurt you in any way." They cuddled again and then unlocked the door; they walked downstairs and outside the front door. "Where do you think you're going? Especially with my daughter!" shouted Alice's dad. Thomas and Alice just ran away from the house, but her dad chased them in his car which gave him an advantage. When they ran across the road Thomas was slow and so Alice's dad ran him down with the car, Alice turned and seen the accident and screamed, "No Thomas!" She didn't chance hanging around so she ran through the fields nearby. Her dad checked Thomas was breathing and drove off to try and find Alice. A passing car seen Thomas on the road and stopped the car and got out to see if he was alright. They checked his pulse and then called for an ambulance. His pulse was very weak and his breathing was shallow, he was a mess.

Meanwhile, Alice was still running through the fields trying to find a safe area to hide from her dad. As she ran she worried about Thomas, who was still waiting for an ambulance to come. Why did he do that to Thomas? She thought to herself. She then stopped running and turned around, as she looked back at where she had been she thought about going back there. She then carried on running through the fields until she came out by a small river. She looked along the river to see if there was any way across. To the right all she could see was broken branches blockading the river channel, to the left she could see stones that had fallen in, which looked really unstable and unsafe. She turned back and started to walk back the way she came, when she heard sirens in the distance she began to run hoping it was collecting Thomas. As she ran she was tripped over by someone. She slowly got up and stood, in front of her was her dad, her arm stung and so she had no strength to try and defend herself. Her dad punched the hell into her and left her flat on the floor bleeding and crying. He didn't just walk off afterwards instead he grabbed her leg and dragged her to his car and chucked her in onto the back seats and shut the door. He then got in after pulling his car number plate off and drove to the ambulance by Thomas, he stopped just past the ambulance and chucked Alice out onto the side of the road and just drove off at a speed of 80 miles per hour.

The paramedics dealing with Thomas called for an extra unit to come out whilst they rushed Thomas in. An ambulance car turned up so that the ambulance could take Thomas in. The paramedics in the ambulance car prepared Alice, so the ambulance wouldn't have to spend too long when taking her in to hospital.


The End

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