19. Grassland [II]

“I swear, there’s something more going on beneath it all. Why would they want to extract the time-energy…? It’s as though they want to pinpoint a certain event in a certain time-stream. It sounds horribly unfair, but I dared not ask when I was there… It would have spoilt my brothers’ whole plan, you see. And I couldn’t do something to make life more into ruin just to try to satisfy my curiosity.”

“That’s it!” Aidelle exclaimed, if only trying to get Zara’s full attention. This second time she was successful.

“What is…what?” Asked Zara, seemingly deflated now as she lost all the ‘hot air’ inside her. In fact, it had been exactly what the girl needed to combat her hectic last couple of weeks; having let off some steam in a rather girly sort of chat (Aidelle being the closest age to Zara of all the women she had ever been in good conversation with). It was something that Zara had never really a proper chance to do, even with grandmother Aidelle in her own time. Here, Aidelle was the perfect companion, as their age-gap could divide them no longer.

“Finally,” Aidelle gasped, insensitive in her young age, “You’ve stopped talking.”

“But…you do have an idea, right?”

“Yes, I have had one right from the start of this conversation, and if you’d just let me speak…” (Zara opened her mouth, but at a glance from Aidelle, closed it shut again). “Thank you. Okay, all your talk of that institute of time got me thinking a bit more; it made me believe that there is the place where the heart of the our problem is. Now, before you say any more, please hear me out, because I do see what you are trying to say; that which you are getting at has a lot of logic in its structure. The aforementioned time-energy was held in this clock, right? And that, when it broke, released the time-energy into the outside world just as my dear Phillip was leaving. He became trapped out there, as I became trapped in here.”

“Hmm, I suppose that could work. Yes! That would do in the whole scheme of things! You’re as clever and wise now as you are when you are my grandmother,” flattered Zara loudly.

“Now… I see where we could go with those tracks of thoughts. Really, I do, Zara. But, there are some things that, to me, do not add up: that clock upstairs was broken way before any of this happened, that, for one thing, I don’t understand… And we’ve both tried to fix the other clock with no luck.

“Somehow, we need to do an action far more productive. And I don’t mean saying our goodbyes to the world. There’ll be time for that later.”


The End

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