10. Escape In Hand [III]


Aidelle froze (but, luckily for her, not literally). She didn’t like the sound of that cry. She clutched at herself, as though she was making sure that she was still intact.

“What did you do?”

Zara gazed down at the clock tearfully.


She fingered the wristwatch before putting it back, sighing. The hands had stopped swinging, Zara’s mood hadn’t.

“I guess we’ll call it a day then…”

Zara went to stand, but was held back by Aidelle.

“Now, why stop?”

“Well, I think-”

“What happened? What is it that you’re refusing to tell me? –No, don’t try to talk your way out of it again, Zara…”

Zara sighed, knowing when she was beaten.

“I just lost us a day,” she muttered, looking to the floor.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, I start from the beginning:

“My wristwatch, being from your future and my present time, it tells me what day and time it would be if time was still in motion here. The thing is, Peter, my brothers, and I, we found out that (as time is growing too far apart), there will come a point when time will be too far gone to repair itself.

“Peter suggested (using his great initiative) five years after your clock-breaking incident, and some…um…friends of mine calculated it to be then.

“Unfortunately, year is hard to set on the watch. I suggested that I should make more than one trip. But my…friends and family said that I should make one, precise jump, in order to minimize any health risks for…myself. In fact, that was the only thing they agreed on.”

Aidelle sat down, nodding. Zara’s future wasn’t so rosy after all.

“And so, I made my way to arrive here. Uncle Peter warned me of trouble; I suppose, I should have heeded both your warnings not to mess with the clock.”

“Okay, so your clock shows what time it is in the present. Zara, what else…?”

“Well,” Zara bit her lip, so violently that she was almost drawing blood, “We have until August 28th, real time, to fix the fissure between the times. That would have been two days from today, that is, what would have been August 26th; but, in meddling with the timepiece-machine-thingy, I’ve moved it forward to August 27th. We only have one day to fix this!”

She was close to tears, more miserable than Aidelle, for whom the news bounced off like some wavelength of light energy; she absorbed a bit of it, but mainly just stood and pondered it in extent.

“Aidelle, we’re not to get out of this anytime at all, unless we can resolve it over the next day.

“We’re trapped!”

The End

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