5. Alone [II]

That was, until midday, when she woke because of a large shout. Aidelle realised that she must have slumbered off this one time.

Still dozed, and in her mind, still in the world of sleep, Aidelle lifted herself heavily out of the armchair. Her feet dragged over the clean carpet and her eyes drooped, but she still let herself be taken into the mystery of it all. She stood at the bottom of the stairs and could hear the little sound coming from upstairs. It was a shout; a call, in fact, and it sounded rather demanding. Aidelle stepped partway up the stairs and identified the sound as coming from her unused bedroom.

“Hello? Anyone there? This room’s locked, you know. Hello? I can’t get out. Do something, will you?”

The urgent voice appeared to be addressing her, Aidelle noticed. Tired, she let her feet wander the rest of the way up, and found herself standing in front of the door.

“Hello…? Anybody there?” The voice from inside sounded impatient and bored.

“H-Hello…?” Aidelle’s voice was hoarse after years of no-one living to share the pleasure of conversation with. Slowly too, her eyes were becoming unfogged and she found this ‘dream’ to be something of a strange reality.

“Is it you?” The voice called back, content with any answer.

“It…depends… Who do you want it to be?” Aidelle relied cautiously, her mind and senses more alert by the second.

“Aidelle… Masters? Is it really you?” The voice was young, feminine and intelligent, with a touch of something futuristic.

“What do you want?”

“Well…” The voice replied, “It is rather complicated. It would be best to explain if you let me out of here first. Could you…?”

“Okay… I’ll just get the key.”

Aidelle didn’t remember locking the master bedroom, but she knew that her memory had deteriorated with age and the lack of its use. She did know that, in spite, she would have tried to remove any painful memories of her fiancé from the house.

Somehow, Aidelle knew exactly where the key was. Snatching it from beside the tiny TV that they had chosen to fit the atmosphere of the sitting room, she hurried back upstairs. Still hesitant, on her way up Aidelle also grabbed an umbrella from the stand that had been placed beside the bathroom. It was rather an odd item to have in an upstairs corridor, but Phillip had smartly said that, having not many other places to put it, they were best placing it somewhere they would see, and remember, easily.


“Hello? Aidelle?”

“I’m here,” Aidelle whispered back, “Hold on a minute.”

Slowly, even for her standards, Aidelle inserted the key into the lock and turned. As the door started to swing inwards, Aidelle braced the umbrella. Even so, she could not become as savage as that day, in which she had lost her temper and her fiancé; she would never let that roaring anger overcome her again.

The door swung open and there stood a young girl: a teenager of about fifteen or sixteen, dressed in long black trousers and a turquoise long sleeve t-shirt which puffed at the shoulders and cuffs. Her raven hair tumbled down her back in steady, tamed waves, but was also stuffed into a brown pilot’s cap.

When she removed her pilot’s goggles, Aidelle could see that her eyes were dark blue, gleaming sapphires.

Aidelle stepped back, shocked and a little scared; she had never seen someone like that around in her life before.

“Who are you?” Aidelle looked the girl up and down, wary.

“Well…and I know this is gonna sound strange,” the girl took a deep breath.

“But… I’m your granddaughter.”

The End

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