3. August 28th

Aidelle gazed at the pretty painting above the fireplace, and wished that the weather outside would mimic the loveliness being illustrated. The previous day’s sun was gone, followed by clouds of dark grey and the knowledge of a stormy day ahead.

Around Aidelle were cardboard boxes packed full of clothes, books, ornaments, and various other things needed to complete the furnishing of the home. She rooted around in one box, the closest to her, and lifted out a pastel pink christening gown, once belonging to her infant self and which she hoped would one day belong to any daughters that she would have. With a light giggle, Aidelle swished the dress around in her arms, imagining a little girl there in a few years.

Suddenly, the latch on the old wooden front door clicked and Aidelle jumped, stuffing the christening dress back into the box with the rest of her outfits. It wouldn’t be fair for Phillip to see her dreams and to be put under any pressure to make them reality.

He himself entered the sitting room, looking glum, but attempted to reflect the warm smile that Aidelle gave him.

Once again, she looked outside, and came to the conclusion that the weather was the reason for his lack of internal sunshine.

“It’s getting horrible out there,” Aidelle nodded to the windows, “What luck that we’re inside with each other’s warmth, don’t you think?”

When Phillip did not respond, she started to get worried; he was not letting her see into those bright eyes of his.

Before Aidelle could say another word, Phillip took a deep breath and stepped forward.

“Aidelle, there’s something I must say…”
”What is it Phillip? You’re making me worried.”

“My love… I have to go out to war-”


“War has broken out once again. Our land needs honourable soldiers, men who can fight and men who can be used to combat the enemy’s technology. I, like my brothers, have been chosen.”

Aidelle was horrified. In her mind, it made no sense; for as long as she had known, her fiancé was a man of peace.

“Ch-chosen? By whom? Why must you comply?”

Then, an uncommon anger started to brew inside of her.

“What about me?” Aidelle allowed herself some indulgence, “You are just going to walk away from me, your wife-to-be, and walk away from this growing house, to go into a war? How can you do that, Phillip?”

He too was angry, but also filled with sorrow and regret for what he was about to do.

“You don’t understand, Aidelle. I am doing this for you. I have no choice, my love-”

“You have every choice.”

“I really don’t,” Phillip sighed, “It’s for you, and I’ll be back, I promise.”

“What about our wedding?”

“It’ll have to be postponed.”

“Postponed? You don’t even care enough to wed me now!”

“If you cared, you’d be prepared to wait until I come home!”

“You don’t even want to do this!”
“Don’t tell me what I think!”

The End

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