Time. Stopped. [NaNoWriMo]

Two souls are kept apart by the terrible thief of love that is time. One trapped forever physically, and by her own will, the other free to move, but held back by something...
Will their dream of being reunited ever come true?

Once upon a time it was 10.56am. Five days later the time was 10.56am. Even after half a decade had passed, when the icy winds of winter had died down and the spring buds had shrivelled up, and the trees had gone through many seasons of colour, the same patterns year after year, with mild change weaved through it all, that little time remained unmoved. Still, it was 10.56am.

She sat for all those years, staring at the broken clock, the tiny marble one on the mantle-piece that mirrored her shattered heart. She never begged for the time to rewrite itself, for there was no need, because in every event pain would arise again.

She wished he would come home.

But the truth was he never would… And never could. Even if he could find a way back into her heart, there was still one great obstacle in the way. Although the two of them were so far apart, they didn’t know how similar their thoughts were; one word of warmth: ‘home’. One objective and one true love to keep their souls alive.

Only time stood in their way.

Because, once they had broken that clock together, the one that so determinedly read 10.56am on August the 28th, there was no going back.

She sat still for all those years, staring right at the broken clock. She was trapped in a bubble of time.

The End

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