Careful what you wish for

It was rumored that an old witch lived in the forest just beyond the highway.  It was the silliest thing I'd ever heard.  Even though I was still young, witches, devils,genies, were all fairy tales to me.  So truly I was surprised to see a little light appear in the forest one night.  It wasn't like the fireflies or the light from an animals eyes, no this light had laws of it's own.  There was no reflection, there was no pattern of flight, it just danced, it flittered from tree to tree, from top to bottom, from side to side but, always in my sight. 
I knew it wanted me to see it, I just didn't know why, I felt a pull towards it.  Now, I considered myself to be smart.  I was not too curious, I wasn't one of those people that dared to tread where even the angels wouldn't.  No, I was cautious, I was wary, I was throwing caution to the wind!
Standing under the tree, I watched the light dance, I sat on the ground and waited.  Finally the light flittered down towards me, it sparked, vanished into a puff of smoke.  I stood up straining my eyes to see through the film..  She was there, so pretty, so dainty, so very, very evil. 
I knew about genies, well, I'd heard about them, I'd dismissed them, there she was.  She explained to me, I could have three wishes, I had to use them before fullmoon, once I had made my wish, it would be as I'd asked, there would be no change..
I began to laugh, that was silly... I decided to tease her.."Ok then Genie, I wish to be the richest girl in the world, with a golden purse containing diamonds and pearls."    She asked me, if that was what I wished.. I giggled a little and shook my head yes..
I threw the gold purse on the ground.  The genie laughed and retrieved it for me, handing it to me she stated matter of factly, I had two more wishes and, that I should consider them seriously before I spoke.

The End

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