Time stands still

Looking out the window, William slipped behind me, encircling me with his arms.  This was our time, the rainy season. I leaned my head back against his chest and listened to the rythym of his beating heart.
We didn't speak, we didn't have to, we just had to exist, we had integrated into each others space, never invasive, always easy, always slow, always a quiet understanding of what we were willing to give.
I don't think two people could have been any happier, any more satisfied.

William looked at me one day, he kissed me and remarked how it had been twenty-five years and I still looked as young as I did when we met. I could see him puzzle over this for a brief moment. I smiled and turned away.

Holding the cold hand, I think over the last few years, the years I watched him waste away, the years I saw only a shell of the man he had been, his eyes still twinkled, and I still loved him, just as I always had.
I didn't have anymore tears, I just lay my head on his chest,, where the heart had once beat..

It was enough now, how many had there been, how long had it been? The Jin gave me what I'd asked for.. well, I'd been a young girl, with young girl wants, wishes and desires. I'd wanted to be beautiful and immediately I was, the most beautiful girl ever born, I wanted to be rich.. didn't everyone want to be rich?
I wanted to live forever.. and therein lies the thorn, the glitch, wrench in the works.. I asked to live forever.. The Jin had stared at me for a moment, then she told me, be careful what I wished for.. Even in her evil state, she'd tried to warn me, of course the warning was without emphasis, without the umph that would have made me realize... Still, I am not being fair, nothing would have swayed me from that wish, not god almighty.

So, alone, again. My heart couldn't stand the pain any longer.. For the first time in centuries, I fell on my face, in the middle of the room, I prostrated myself, I sobbed, I cried, I shouted to god, I called to jesus, I wanted someone to help me, I just wanted to die.. That would be the climax to my solitary existence, I didn't want it anymore, I fell asleep there in the middle of the room. The tears had soaked the carpet

Sadness weighed so heavy, time and death sat on my shoulders, I could not enjoy the greater, nor could I enjoy the lesser luminary.. Stars didn't twinkle for me.
I went through the years, alone.. I didn't get friendly, no not even aquaintences, cause I knew I would just have to watch them die. I'd asked to live forever, too bad I hadn't been given a fourth wish, I would have asked for a stone heart and ice in my veins.
If only I had known then.

Days dragged on, nights were slow, seasons came and went, people came and went, still I stayed, still I survived, still I lived.
Pictures I'd had were now all yellowed, some crumbled when I touched them ,, all I had were my memories. I look in the mirror..still beautiful..sigh,
Time stands still for me..
The End

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