Down the street a bit

I was on another world! Another world! People stared down at me, curiously - was I not blending in?

I examined my clothes as I walked, trying to find a flaw.


Oops. I'd run straight into a girl. I felt my cheeks burn hot. She was wearing a long blue coat with pearl buttons, over a pale blue dress, a matching beret perched atop curly blonde locks.

"Sorry about that - are you lost?"

The girl looked about nine or ten years old - only a couple more than myself.

"No..." I moved around her and continued on my way.

"Wait! Why are you on your own?" She ran after me, walking beside me.

"Why are you?" I stared into her vivid green eyes.

She sighed deeply, "My mum was chatting with a gentleman and I got bored...."

White flakes began to fall to the ground. I stared up into the sky with wonder - as everything turned upside down.

I found myself staring up at the night sky, snow falling onto my face.

"Are you alright?" The girl hovered over me, concerned.

I stood up. My scarf had become tangled around my leg.

"I think so.." I stood - nothing broken...

Right as rain!

"You're funny," The girl giggled into her white gloved hand.

I grinned, "Yeah. I guess so."


The girls head whipped around. A woman was standing on the street corner, up ahead, glaring at her angrily.

"I have to go!"

My face fell, "What?"

Lucy blinked her large emerald eyes, "Do you want to come with us?"



The End

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