Explore the Infinite machine

Who was I kidding? I wasn't leaving this glorious machine! The Officials could pound on the doors all they wanted to, they couldn't get in.

 And as for flying it - That could wait....

I made my way through the entryway which led to corridor. I peered in the rooms on either side of me, marveled at what I found. In the first room, there was a large swimming pool with a diving board. In the second, a library stuffed with books. Earth books too! Well, I'd picked the right Infinite machine then. It belonged to another Earth-obsessed such as myself.

I rubbed my little hands together delightly and moved onwards down the corridor. Soon, the wonder I had seen last I forgot as the next was even more amazing.

"There he is! After him!"

I jumped three feet in the air, spinning round to see the Officials making their way towards me, all wearing their huge gold collars and blood red robes.

I began to run. Aiee! My legs are too short!

I'll never be able to run away from them!

The End

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